Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

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Spatial Concepts

…The space consists of various storage systems like shelves, racks, and tables. Within it, there are black and white photographs of poor quality showcasing discoveries and experiments. Unclear purpose instruments such as archaeological rulers are present. Additionally, there are paper buttons, metal fasteners, Papier-mache sculptures, black figures made of paper and canvas, objects with white writings, white cloth hangings, wooden sticks, and compositions made from these elements. The collection also includes portraits of unidentified individuals, graphics resembling images, drawings overlaid on photos, a photo wall, decorative items, sketches, cards, and paper-textured ropes. An assortment of kits is also found within the space. Various notes accompany these items…

Abstract Chalkboard Drawing

Particle Studies and Explanations

A series of sketches of various study environments. Particle constructions are presented as volumetric models, scattered through rooms. Accompanied by schematic, blackboard-like drawings, filled with unreadable yet precise notations. 

Abstract Chalkboard Drawing

Spaces, Rooms and Halls

…A series of 360 pseudo-photographs documenting the life and work of some university, school, or laboratory. In some halls, concerts are held, and somewhere, we see training and practice of particle studies; somewhere, we see drawing classes. Already familiar to you from other sections of the site — Relative Explanation classes with walls covered with formulas and scientific notation. 

Abstract Chalkboard Drawing

Wall Drawings

…A series of sketches of spaces whose surfaces are covered in an infinite pattern. Sometimes resembling cave paintings, sometimes notes in the margins of a notebook, sometimes bursting classroom blackboards. The notion of the boundary of a drawing, the frame of an image, can disappear in such a room. It allows the viewer to move into the state of a stroke and a co-participant in the space, its trajectory penetrating the air of the place….