Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

A) Contents

B) Exhibitions

C) About

Inner School of Open Studies is a non-linear and hermetic art project committed to merging synthetic approaches in knowledge processing: language, calculation, and drawing. Collectively, these methods help us think, dream, and communicate across the dimensions of time and space.

↹ Explanation

A selection of fragments and works from the Relative Explanations series. The main theme of the series is multi-layered abstract arrangements of schematic drawings, formulas, letters, and numbers. The visual poetry of information clouds unfolds from small drawings to spaces.

ǯ Calculation

The series draws inspiration from the relationship between humans and computing machines. Hardware components, motherboard designs, interfaces, and unrevealed future tech ideas are depicted in screenshots, patent papers, and ambiguous prototypes.

✣ Drawing

The process of thinking can begin with a pencil. Whether you’re attempting topic-specific mark-making or pure beauty, you can document the experience of life, catch a glimpse of a thought, or capture emotion. Intimate, expressive, naive, or raw, the drawing is the framework of the picture.

⊞ Exhibitions

Exhibitions, events, and installations. Views of the rooms and close-up fragments. Various cities, places, and years. Through their mosaic, a seamless narration erupts. Photographs are displayed in a shuffled order.

▧ Spatial Concepts

…The space consists of various storage systems like shelves, racks, and tables. Within it, there are black and white photographs of poor quality showcasing discoveries and experiments.

• About Author

Protey Temen’s practice is dedicated to the poetry of scientific methods, and their representation in culture. By making drawings, videos, books, and installations, he aims to create a self-referenced and hermetic network of curiosity.

☉ Material

Is it possible to make sense of the ideas of influence, connection, and decay in any other way than by touch? Is it possible to touch the other side of the screen? What determines the life of the image behind the protective glass with the projection of the illusion?

≣ Textual

The section is devoted to a selection of texts, notes, and individual schemes that support and extend the subject of Inner School interest. This is done using a block of several commonly available methods, such as automatic writing, schematic representation of information, and pulling out of context.

◉ Virtual

The section is devoted to a growing archive of digital-first materials combining drawing practices and assumptions of materiality. From peering at surfaces to penetrating clouds of particles, from observing free waves to pictorial commentary on quasi-real events and objects.