Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

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By copying the observed and building the mirror of our own perception we learn to see certain parts of the world through a drawing. It takes a while to put into practice. We want it to look natural, but usually, all we get is some pale copy. You were planning to depict some particular thing, but your hand happened to slip and you got an absolutely different result. But this different thing, does it mean that you made a mistake or that you saw something they had asked you to ignore? Does a misreading mean wrong perception? Why are we made to read only those letters which are visible? Is it forbidden to read between the lines, to read what is left behind the brackets?



We try to figure out how to bring everything together in a certain system. There must be some general rules, something that works as a part of the whole system. I think I have discovered a relationship. It may not be immediately visible, but I will try to explain. No, no, not there, on the other side. Wait a minute.

Notebooks of Relations

Drawing, Albums

…a profound exploration of speculative models, realized through a series of hundreds of small intuitive schematic drawings. Through the process of sketching, the elusive point of emptiness, the delicate frame of the moment, and the naive map depicted. These set of dozens of drawings serve as a gateway to understanding the intricate ways in which these ephemeral concepts can manifested and formalized.

Spirals, Grids, Scales


…the unseen movement of pattern energy on a surface can be made tangible through the use of visual guides. The set of drawings presented in this section embodies this concept, exposing an interplay between the visible and invisible realms. An attempt of documenting the invisible forces that shape our world. The patterns and forms within the artworks contain a shadow of movement, suggesting constant flux and transformation.

Silhouettes of Drawings

Drawing, Object

This series combines elements reminiscent of scientific diagrams and cave paintings, with black cardboard cutouts hung on the wall like an unstable breathing collection of insects. Linear cutouts articulate the ephemeral nature of arranged and documented reasonings, torned off the surface of someones notepad. Through layered and sometimes recognizable motifs, the infinite composition of the material manifests a visionary perspective of a cloud-shaped arrangement of thoughts.

Alchemy, Pilots, Anthills


A series of drawings combine images of spaceship pilots, various alchemical vessels and mechanisms, star systems, galaxy lights, technological blueprints, and drawings of somewhat anthills. Naive and expressionist looking aesthetic of the images remind about the dynamic fabric of time and events captured with the method of sketching.


Above the Surface

Every movement, even the most imperceptible one, leaves traces in space. A drawing, for example, being a trace of thought, also has a sound of its manifestation. listen to one of such fragments of the documentation of the movement of a drawing tool on the surface of the paper.


Once The Ant Climbed Into Astronaut’s Ear

Look how drawings are working together when they are melted in an endless slideshow. The sound of the neverending frame switch forces your imagination and tickles your eyes. Is the drawing that much different from the image? How the unknown story appears in the back of your mind?


Particle Studies: Motion

A hand-drawn sequence of particle movement and continuous looped evolution reveal the graceful dance of particles as they interact, collide, and transform. Through moving strokes, the video displays the essence of rendering abstract concepts tangible. Deeper research on particles and time-based distortions is available within “Material” section.


Drawing Room

A hall with drawings in the form of a site-specific installation. A series of graphics from different cycles are linked together with found documentary images and illustrations from external libraries. A room covered in an arrangement of sheets is transformed into a three-dimensional notebook, a sketchbook, or an overflowing desk drawer. First time exhibited at GROUND Gallery (2018).


Drawing Studies: Particles on a Plane

An insightful exploration of graphical expressions intersecting with scientific concepts. The video unveils the beauty of the moment through naive drawings, showcasing the dynamic interactions of subatomic particles within a two-dimensional realm. The fusion of methods invites viewers to appreciate the creative bridges that unite seemingly disparate domains.