Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

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Particle Studies

If you look hard enough and long enough, you can even see with the naked eye how tiny neutrino particles pass through space, planets, and even ourselves. For the added pleasure of observing this effect, the School has created several volumetric models covered with particles.

Multidisciplinary on-going project. 2016—On-going


Total Timeline

The Particle Studies cycle is closely related to the Total Timeline cycle. Total Timeline is dedicated to the moment of time, the conversion of space into time, and attempts to measure it.

We tend to think the moment is almost invisible by the common human perception of time because of the tiny amount of space it’s taking on a timeline. Therefore, our culture is often split in half by the question: should we rely on the moment or not, if it’s that notably small?

By combining the ‘Mapping of the Emptiness’ and ‘Relative Explanations’ methods, daily used in the Inner School of Open Studies, we can zoom in and freeze one random moment for a few days. Probably, it will allow us to make some assumptions about what is happening between of reaching and leaving the moment.