Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

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We try to figure out how to bring everything together in a certain system. There must be some general rules, something that works as a part of the whole system. I think I have discovered a relationship. It may not be immediately visible, but I will try to explain. No, no, not there, on the other side. Wait a minute. I’m pointing at something else, what are you all looking at? Yes, I agree, the shape is similar, and you are right, it is absolutely impossible to accurately identify the objects depicted. There is no mistake, these are the objects I wanted to present. Exactly. And precisely in that order.

“Visual Dyslexia” cycle. “ATLAS” series, 2015—2017. Paper, acrylic ink, gel ink, various size. Produced as a book: Atlas. Parts 1—3 2015—2017, 21×29,7cm