Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

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Uncertain Praxis

Uncertain practice is a type of activity aimed at conducting experiments without any given goal or a specific question. What are such experiments for? The world around us breathes with confidence of clarity. Chains of events tend to be interpreted through established meanings and cause-and-effect relationships. Step by step, intelligent and educated people help us to flow into the stream of the new time, where everything is as clear as possible. And what happens if you question any of the basic truths? Could it be that the water is not wet, and the fire does not burn? Try to find out for yourself.

Ping-pong balls, large and small resin particles, brass rods 10cm, metal wire, lens, paper masks, Laserjet print on transparent film. 2018.


The experiments were carried out over nine working days. The process involved transferring the imaginative properties of figures and shapes from drawings to the world of physical constraints. The materials, colliding with each other, exhibited new properties. Thus it was possible to see the colour of a metal collision, the softness of a white ball, the optical illusions of overlapping shapes. At the end of the experiments, the video was translated into a set of short individual chunks, which were played indefinitely in random order.