Inner School of Open Studies

by Protey Temen

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Is it possible to make sense of the ideas of influence, connection, and decay in any other way than by touch? Is it possible to touch the other side of the screen? What determines the life of the image behind the protective glass with the projection of the illusion? Touch offers the opportunity to provoke not only a response from the receiving material but also to explore one’s own receptors. A cat’s rough tongue. Its fur. A ray of sunlight on her cheek. The air in an old flat. It’s all made up of little, little balls. Once upon a time, by an effort of the will of millions of people, we agreed that we would call these constellations of balls just that. And each such combination has its own properties, desires, and wills.

Abstract Chalkboard Drawing
Abstract Chalkboard Drawing

Uncertain Praxis

Uncertain practice is a type of activity aimed at conducting experiments without any given goal or a specific question. What are such experiments for? The world around us breathes with confidence of clarity. Chains of events tend to be interpreted through established meanings and cause-and-effect relationships. Step by step, intelligent and educated people help us to flow into the stream of the new time, where everything is as clear as possible. And what happens if you question any of the basic truths? Could it be that the water is not wet, and the fire does not burn? Try to find out for yourself.

Particle Studies

If you look hard enough and long enough, you can even see with the naked eye how tiny neutrino particles pass through space, planets, and even ourselves. For the added pleasure of observing this effect, the School has created several volumetric models covered with particles.


Parallel History of Particle Studies

Exploring, composing, and reflecting on the numerous variations of particle systems and their combinations. Images below show a simulated version of probable particle experiments. Like we’ve been doing it for decades.


Screendust is an online interface for the observation of behavior of stardust particles. Taking into account the ambiguous nature thereof, the simulation will be based on a contingency algorithm. The screen imaging of the particles has a discrete structure and is divided into segments. Each millisecond recalculation of values occurs. Each observer is able to send the produced image to be printed and to obtain the exact value of the screen’s vacuum (А), and the number of appearing (В) and disappearing (С) particles. The possibility to analyze printed-out cards deserves special attention. The gradation of combinations is singled out into a number of groups: from the maximally diluted space via constellations and even clouds of particles. A symbolic meaning of possible interrelations in a chaotic process allows an observer to make his conclusions about the structure of the casual.

Arena of Probability

Probably, maybe, almost — the ability of language to describe a lack of information is infinite. These three doubtful words move us closer to certainty with each one, yet said certainty remains evasive. Arena of Probability stems from a visit to Joshua Tree Park, CA that took place in February 2018. During this visit a physical feeling of nothingness for the first time was encountered. This led to the creation of this poetic intersection of emptiness within daily life. The void of the desert creates a tangible representation of a border between the physical world and emotional questioning of one’s own self-positioning in space.

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